Our customer support department is ready to come to your aid in a 24/7 manner...., be your request in a form on email ticket or a phone call... We have a team of professional managers who will consult you regarding any technical, in-stock or billing question you might have. Also, should there be any problems with the delivery or if you would want to file a return, we will help you as well!

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If you wish to purchases please contact us via phone email, pop into our local Dunboyne store, all products can be provide and setup for you right away with, payment's and fee's apply up front for all services.

Web Design Packages

  • Basic 1 Package

    Make sure to install all windows and software updates, they may pop up from time to time if you’re not aware please call me and I’ll let you know.

  • Basic 2 Package

    Your machine is a great build – to make sure you get the best life – do no leave charger in machine when not in use.

  • Kick off of e commerce

    Shutdown desktop machine if you are going away for more than 10 minutes – stay out of hibernation will keep life.

  • Full e commerce end to end

    Every time you open the machine just confirm Security ''AVG'' is ok by double clicking icon and make sure you have the green tick and saying you're protected. We provide a full range for excellent security solutions/applications - inc AVG/Esat/Panda with all applications we provide a full setup and management services are also available, we provide security solutions inc - full system checks/processes check/employee security checks and provide professional advice and solutions.

  • Expert e commerce package high level

    Backup all data that is important to you on an ongoing bases, there are great online backup solutions – we can offer you a AVG cloud care, or for free and self-managed there are google drive 15gb ( Gmail address needed ) Dropbox ( 2GB free ) SkyDrive 20gb ( Microsoft account needed).


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